Minnie & Sam

Minnie Sam

The Mange mite is no stranger to any animal rescuer and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier as a short smooth coated breed seem to be particularly prone to acquire these parasites at the slightest drop in condition. Indeed we have dealt with several cases this year so far.

By far the worse case we have ever seen came to our attention in April courtesy of “The Shropshire Star”. “Posh” and “Becks” as they were then known had been captured by a local Dog Warden after straying and foraging for several weeks over the Wrekin area.

“Posh” and “Becks” were however far from the glamorous millionaire jetsetting superstars known to all. In fact on first sight the problem looked insurmountable, putting them both gently to sleep was an easy, but definite option.

Both were almost bald and their skin was scaly, sore and inflamed with the intense irritation. “Becks” back had a thick pie crust down its entire length that would need to be carefully removed to get at all the non-fare paying passengers beneath. It would be a long job to get this right and no doubt, and did, effectively close us to help others for some weeks.

There are times when you must either seize “the bull by the horns” or “get out of the kitchen” and this was one of them. Nobody else wanted to know and always up for a challenge (ha!) Bob carefully loaded them into the car.

The first port of call was The Fytton Arms in Oldham where the licensee was holding a Fun Day and B-B-Q for our Friends and their regulars. Sadly only a fleeting visit could be made as we needed to get back to our vets before they closed to stock up on certain medications and washes. But if ever Matt and Val ever needed the perfect example of why money was being raised they certainly got it. The horrified faces of his regulars said it all, many had Staffords themselves.

It was the start of a Seven Week Project to restore the two dogs to health and as the story began to unfold over our e-group it was amazing the offers of help that arrived. Their tale of woe had touched many hearts. Clean blankets arrived by the bundle as constant changes were needed. Friends called by and countless walks were enjoyed on the beach - often with an impromptu saltwater bath thrown in. Cards were received from well wishers by the score. Dawn Robinson needs a special thanks for it was she who got the worst job of helping to remove that pie-crust! It was very stubborn and needed several careful soakings to coax it away from the skin, they don’t show things like that on Pet Rescue!
No one could ever say they didn’t get the real deal here.

Minnie at vetsThe staff at the Alexander Veterinary Centre were fabulous and saw them several times over the course of their stay here. Liz Thomas in particular was brilliant and very thorough. Both the sarcoptic and cheyletiella mites were found to be present on their bodies. The latter proved to be particularly difficult to eradicate and it was the greatest news ever when we were finally told that no live mites could be found anywhere on their bodies.
From then on it was just TLC all the way and lots of garlic enthused dinners to purify their blood streams and build them back up to health.

Sam with Dave and Tracy Schofield

As this was achieved one set back did occur - they lost their dependency on each other, hitherto they would curl up and sleep with one another and share their food - now they squabbled continuously and minor injuries started to occur. It did prove to be a blessing in disguise actually as it meant there would be no need for us to feel guilty to separate them for adoption and this would obviously improve their chances for successful placement considerably.

“Minnie” was the first to go. Unrecognisable from the poor bedraggled creature of rotting skin and bone only a few weeks earlier.
A week later “Sam” was re-homed to a family in North Yorkshire. It can only be with great pride I can relate their story to you now. Not only in terms of what was achieved for the dogs but how it was achieved via a huge team effort and our Friends going out of their way to pitch in and do whatever they could to make this miracle happen.

The Friends of Northern SBT Rescue have never in my knowledge let a dog down yet and risen to every challenge with huge smiles on their faces knowing that another “win” is just around the corner. “Sam” and “Minnie” are two dogs that will certainly never forget what you all did for them and the special homes that were eventually found for them.
I am proud to be a part of such a fine band of people. Well done to anyone who helped in any way the evidence in the photographs below is plain for everyone to see. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

Minnie Sam

And make a difference to the destitute members of our beloved breed.

They may never be able to say your name,
but they’ll always know they had a Friend
who stepped in when all hope seemed to have gone.


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